About Us

MRC Trading Co. was established in İzmir, 2013, in order to meet granite stone demands in the domestic and foreign markets by using natural stone potential of our country in the most efficient way. Our natural stone adventure, which started supplying of goods and project implementation in the domestic markets, has been giving us the opportunity to export our products especially in the last three years. MRC is proud of being numbered exporters in İzmir in a short time due to minimum cost and high quality-oriented perspective. Our company exports especially local granite known as ‘’Bergama Grey’’ as a crushing cube stone, este plate, curb and wall stone, Basalt stone as a cube stone and Decorative stones. All main production phases are regularly kept under direct control of our company management in order to ensure customers’ high quality and low cost expectations.

MRC has been managing to be one of the best in the region owing to offering quality products and competetive pricing and it will continue to contribute to the national economy.

What We Do?

— To provide wide range of low cost – high-quality products
— Follow up each step of production
— Packaging and loading standardization
— Keep same quality in each order
— To inform our customers at every stage from production to transportation

Our Differences

— Customer-focus approach
— Fast response to customers
— On time delivery
— Solution oriented teamwork