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Valued inhabitants and friends of Izmir,

Our Chamber places great emphasis on promoting the attractions of our home city, Izmir, and has therefore prepared a film entitled Rediscover Life (in Izmir) to introduce the city to both overseas tourists and foreign investors, in a way that truly reflects its worth.

The film, which has versions in ten different languages, has been prepared by Izmir University of Economics. It gives detailed information about our beautiful city, and is available to download from our website to be shared with anyone who you consider would appreciate such an introduction to the city.

We are delighted to be able to share the film Rediscover Life (in Izmir) with you, and trust that it will be a great asset for Izmir and its inhabitants.


İzmir Chamber of Commerce
Chairman of the Executive Board

Video Source: http://www.yasanacaksehirizmir.com

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